All Eyes on Sequoia High School

Most who invest in a home and life in San Mateo County know that there is not just one motivator that brings us here. There are numerous reasons that our location is one of the most sought after regions in the nation. It’s not just it’s desirable climate, the economic engine that is the Silicon Valley, or its unique homes… the Mid-Peninsula is also coveted for its diversity and chiefly, it’s high-scoring public schools.

Recently, Sequoia High School has received a significant amount of positive buzz, following a few years of dramatic improvements to its curriculum, student body and campus. Now with more than 2,100 students, and many more hoping to make a transfer there, Sequoia is making big strides across the board.

High School students in the Redwood City School District learned their fates this week with their 2017-2018 public school placements. While students are guaranteed a spot in their neighborhood schools, they can apply for a transfer to the other two public high schools, Woodside High School or Carlmont High School in Belmont, or charter schools Everest and Summit in Redwood City or East Palo Academy in East Palo Alto, which are funded but not controlled by the high school district.

Those who plan to attend any of the Redwood City District high schools this upcoming fall should feel very privileged to attend such a high quality school. And those planning to head to Sequoia will be particularly excited with all the new improvements that have taken place over the last few years, thanks to $12 million in bond money approved by voters in 2008 and 2014.

Among the improvements the school has witnessed is a full-functioning kitchen with a culinary arts program that adheres to students hoping to find work in hospitality, tourism or recreation. Many job-training courses in the fields of computer science, graphics, business, international studies and medical fields are snapping the interest of high schoolers hoping to enter these fields with some advance preparation and hands-on experience.

Also premiere to Sequoia is its International Baccalaureate program, which since its 2002 inception, appears to be thriving. The only high school in the district to offer an IB Diploma, this program teaches all core curriculum at the honors level and offers an international focus on all subjects. This unique program stresses critical thinking, knowledge, reflection, risk and open-mindedness.

Once a feeder school to Stanford University, it appears with these recent advancements, Sequoia is returning to its age-old reputation of being a college-prep school. Hats off to the district in seeing the benefits of providing more opportunity to our children!