Client Business Spotlight: Aimee Swanson: Senior Director, Beautycounter

Aimee Swanson, Beautycounter.jpg

Client History: Joyce and Tatum sold Aimee and Andy Swanson’s home on Ponce Avenue in Belmont in 2013 and helped them purchase their current home on Warwick Street in Redwood City. 

Business: Aimee was recently promoted to a senior director with Beautycounter. She began as a consultant in March 2013, just weeks after the skincare line was launched. Aimee was Consultant #212. There are now more than 30,000 consultants.  Aimee has 17 beauty consultants on her team, and she is continuing to expand her tribe. 

What is Beautycounter? Beautycounter was rated by Google as the No.1 trending beauty company in the United States in 2018. A leader in clean beauty, Beautycounter produces more than 160 skincare, sunscreen, makeup, body care and baby/ kids products.  Beautycounter is a company committed to creating safe products for consumer use and also gaining exposure about the harmful chemicals used in everyday products. 

What prompted Aimee’s business: “I remember trusting all of the products I used. I thought, how can they be approved and sold if they were bad? But when I read about the formaldehyde in Johnson & Johnson products years ago, I became leery of the products I used. I experienced unexplained infertility for five years and I believe that it could be connected with some of the products I have used. There are a lot of ingredients that could be classified as hormone disrupters. What you put into your body is the one thing that you have 100 percent control over. Our main focus is not to get Beautycounter products into the hands of everyone but just to get safe products into the hands of everyone.”

Her business Ideology: “Our skin is our largest organ and much of what we put on our skin is absorbed directly into the blood stream. This is a major reason why clean beauty is so important.” Aimee said that an excellent resource to determine how safe your products are is the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Consumer Database. Download the healthy living app on your phone to scan products for safety.

How does it work? Aimee’s clients host socials for friends and family to come and sample some of the many wonderful Beautycounter products offered. Whether its eye cream, brozer, sunblock, or the newest line for men – Counterman—Aimee aims to showcase Beautycounter products for people to try. All orders can be made through Aimee in person or online. The products arrive to your doorstep within three to five business days.
Aimee has also begun to hold presentations to pre teens and teens about skincare and hygiene. She has presented to groups through the Girl Scouts, Young Men’s Service League and National Charity League. Beautycounter has created many products that are perfect for a teen’s sometimes temperamental skin. 

What keeps her at it? “This is truly to most FUN job I have ever had. I get to work with my friends, I get constant training from Counter University and I get to better my own health and the health of my friends.” 

How to get involved: Aimee said there are four different ways to get involved: Buy the products; host a social; join and become a member; or join Beautycounter as a consultant. For more information about Aimee and Beautycounter, reach out and say hello. Aimee can be reached at: (650) 766-2299 or at or