Does Curb Appeal still turn people on or off?

Curb AppealIn today’s aggressive residential market, it seems that simply anything sells. While this is true in many cases, you’d be surprised by how much more money you can make off your home if you keep curb appeal in mind. Curb appeal – making the exterior of your home more attractive – is not something you should ignore. Curb appeal disregards the old adage to never judge a book by its cover… Curb appeal is a home’s cover, and it is judged today more than ever.

Residential real estate is now something people shop for online. In fact, according to the National Association of Realtors, 92 percent of homebuyers began their home search online before contacting a broker. That’s proof that fantastic photos are more important than ever.

The photo that appears on Redfin, Trulia or MLS – will entice a buyer or turn them off. It doesn’t matter if the home is in the best school district or situated mid-block on the most desirable tree lined street in the city – if it lacks curb appeal it will reduce the amount of traffic a home gets.

Think of curb appeal as your home’s first impression. The more seriously you take it, the further it will take you when it comes to listing your home.

So, how do you achieve curb appeal? Here are a few simple, low-cost curb appeal improvements that will make all the difference.

Fancy that Front Door: Slap a coat of paint on your front door or re-stain the wood on your existing wood door. Make the entrance more inviting by cleaning off dirt spots, polishing the hinges and knobs. Add a topiary or other entryway greenery to make the home more inviting.

Detail the trim: Repaint the trim of your home, making windows and other framework stand out. Clean around areas that have been neglected – those deep corners near an eave, for instance.

Plant flowers: Either choose to stick with hints of one color or plant a slew of multi-colored flowers. Pay attention to the season – you will want mature blooms when people approach.

Tend to that grass: While the drought has lightened our emphasis on the perfect green grass, you’ll still want to make the lawn look nice. Consider planting garden containers to cover spots that are turning brown or re-sod certain areas that need to be replaced.

Make your windows sparkle: Wash those filthy windows for a nice, sparkly improvement. You can get dirty yourself or call a window cleaning company. Many companies give a flat rate and have them twinkling in just hours.

Repaint or repair the exterior: Look for cracks in paint or siding and repair. A fresh coat of paint makes everything look newer and fresher. Consider some bold trim color to make the house pop even more.

Create a walkway: You might not have the time or money to repave or replace your walkway, but you can certainly create one with planters, large rocks or birdhouses. Use outdoor garden décor or stone borders or enhancing fencing to draw in visitors. An inviting walkway gives people a warm welcome.

Taking the time to freshen the look of your home will undoubtedly increase your home’s value. Have questions on how to freshen up your home? Contact us, we’ll help you get the most value out of your home with just a few quick tricks.

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