Dwell Realtors make a move of their own

Dwell Realtors construction.jpg

We understand how difficult it can be to find your ideal location. There are so many variables to consider when choosing to move to a new place. Here at Dwell we have just experienced this. We are moving early fall several blocks down the street and we are so excited to be in the prime north end of vibrant Laurel Street in San Carlos! 

Our space is still being created – we will be situated next door to the new Sneakers on the west side of the block. Our new offices will be sleek with a modern vibe, high ceilings and a glass storefront. We will occupy 3,000-square feet of space in the newly constructed, and highly sought after 662 Laurel Street building.

This move closer to the downtown pulse in San Carlos will offer us double the space we have now, allowing us to welcome new Dwell agents and clients into our new offices. We are very excited to be making this move so early in the game – just three years after we started Dwell – what we believe is a true testament to what we do as agents. 

We recognize that everyone’s needs change and that there are always new options. Whether it’s upgrading, downsizing or just changing your personal landscape, there are always homes available to suit your needs … and we can help you find one. 

We are thrilled to be investing further into San Carlos. The city has welcomed us in more ways than one. Whether it is allowing us to sponsor a volleyball tournament at Hometown Days or pouring wine during the Chamber’s Wine Stroll, we have created such a lovely relationship with the community. Homeowners have also welcomed us, making us the No. 1 used agency in this city with more than $301M in sales last year alone. We are so grateful.

Our goal is to be settled by late fall and hope to invite our friends and community members into our offices and hope to make our new debut around the San Carlos Art and Wine Festival. Stay tuned for more details!