Client Business Spotlight: Marianne Jett, founder, Jett Educational Services

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Client History:

Marianne Jett, her husband Brian and their three kids used Joyce and Tatum to sell their home on Cordilleras Avenue in July 2016 and to purchase their current home on Elizabeth Street.  It was their hands-on approach to buying and selling that completely exceeded Marianne’s expectations. She said that when people ask her of the Joyce and Tatum real estate team, she answers, “Two things come to mind – their collective knowledge of the local market and their willingness to overcome any task seemingly too great.”


Marianne just launched Jett Educational Consulting. 

What is Jett Educational Consulting?

Just months old, founded in January 2019, a lot of thought and preparation went into creating this business. Marianne’s business provides educational coaching, tutoring and college counseling, really narrowing in on preparation for the junior high and high school student. 

Her Entrepreneurial Spirit:

Before ‘Off the Grid’ and the entire food truck phenomenon, many of locals might remember seeing Marianne driving the neighborhoods in a repurposed mail truck with the name Jett Cakes scrawled on the sides. Marianne, an avid baker, turned her hobby into a very successful mobile cupcake business back in 2008. 

It’s no surprise that Marianne comes from a family of entrepreneurs. “I was raised by parents who took risks and weren’t afraid to do so. I have always been a very solution-focused person – if I see a need, I am not afraid to identify it and work to create a resolution.” 

Why Jett Educational Counseling?

Being a dedicated volunteer both in the classroom and on multiple boards and councils through the San Carlos School District and education foundation, Marianne has had the privilege to speak with numerous parents, teachers and administrators who expressed their views on the difficulties some face with the transitions from middle to high school. She said she also saw this somewhat unclear path when her oldest son Will made the transition from Central to Sequoia High School. “I just felt that more mindfulness around this transition would be helpful.” Marianne said she focuses on various areas of a student’s needs, including subject tutoring, general student support, time management, organization, study skills, note taking, test taking, and basic class time preparation. 

The College Prep Component:

As for college preparation, Marianne said she learned this skill from one of the best. “My dad ran a very successful college counseling business for a long time and I watched him as he successfully helped these students (and subsequently the parents) truly see all the possibilities and opportunities that surrounded them in their pursuit to find the best college fit.” 

Marianne does everything from choosing a school to figuring out a student’s approach to how many schools to apply to, essay help, dates to keep in mind and also overall project management. “I feel like a lot of kids have a counselor and support but remain overwhelmed. Most schools have a very low counselor to student ratio.” 

Guiding parents and students alike:

The task of preparing a student from junior high to high school can be a bit overwhelming. “It is new territory for everyone and the unknown is scary. I try to work with both the parents and the student alike to identify what the main goals are. Ultimately everyone needs to be able to identify a common focus and we work from there.” 


With an office on Laurel Street, Marianne is officially open for business. With summer coming up, it’s the perfect time to take a college prep workshop, find time to sharpen your child’s essay writing skills or just focus on strengthening skills in one subject. 


For more information on Jett Educational Consulting, visit the website at or contact Marianne directly at (650) 395-7627. Her office is located at 961 Laurel Street, Suite 208 in San Carlos.