Real Estate Has Lost Its Courtship

Searching for a homeReal estate has changed a lot. Much like dating and courtship. Gone are the days where a woman waits for the man to ask her out. It’s fair game and socially acceptable for a woman to verbalize just what she wants. Same is the game with residential real estate. With online home-searching tools and Zillow estimates, MLS statistics and residential comps at everyone’s fingertips, the industry has gone through immeasurable change. Like a dating relationship, the relationship between an agent and her buyer has endured a transformation as well.

A party seeking a home can gauge the speed of their search just by the amount of online tools they use. You can sign up for daily new home e-mails, you can align with an agent and you can pop in any zip code or neighborhood to become aware of its market offerings. Heck, you can even buy a home online… but we wouldn’t recommend it. However, the speed of your search is in your hands for the most part.

So, gone are the days where an agent picks up a buyer in a luxury car for a three-hour Sunday tour of open homes in the greater area. Gone are the days where all the homes a buyer is aware of are the homes that their agent chooses to show them. Gone are the days where a home sits on the market long enough for a buyer to visit it several times to determine it’s feel or how it looks certain times of the day. And gone are the days where an agent’s professional opinion drives the party’s search. Most buyers in this market know what they want… just like many women.

It’s a time of industry change. And we get that. Instead of DWELLing on it, we are rolling with it, and bringing some heat. We are happy to see the industry changing and people taking a larger role in the search for their dream home. The tools out there are helpful, not only in finding a home to tour but also in educating yourself on the market activity and pricing in your desired neighborhood.

We recommend that our potential buyers familiarize themselves with the market. Here are five things you can do for yourself to get your head in the game. Let us do the rest:

1. Sign up with an MLS search engine such as Or better yet, let us know what you are searching for and we can set it up for you.

2. Check online sites regularly for home-searching tips, tools and overall knowledge of your target neighborhood and its activity. The more know the better prepared you will be when you are ready to pull the trigger.

3. Don’t forget the ‘Old School:’ Talk to your neighbors and friends about what they know is coming on the market. The power of networking is strong in real estate.

4. Peruse the local newspaper in your desired neighborhood. This will make you aware of any neighborhood issues, rate hikes, school issues, upcoming bond measures, etc. Knowing more about the neighborhood can save you time with your search.

5. Sign on with us: We can fill in the blanks for you. We don’t expect you to understand the market totally – that’s our job. With decades of experience, we know the market well – so well that we can help you find homes that won’t appear anywhere else. We will hold your hand throughout the search and can guarantee a positive outcome – that’s what we’re good at! We can get you into homes the first day they open and make sure that you are aware of those coming on the market before the ‘For Sale’ sign is nailed in the grass.

So, don’t let the changing market scare you off, instead let it empower you. We have! With our new brokerage, Dwell, we plan to embrace these changes and let them better our knowledge, and that of our clients too.

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