Redwood City school receives A+ for overall education

It’s not every day that the California state superintendent stops by a local school. That’s just what happened this week at Roosevelt Middle School in Redwood City. The school, which teaches students from Transitional Kindergarten through Eighth Grade, was honored for its outstanding educational programs and practices, and was presented with the California Gold Ribbon School award. State Superintendent Tom Torlakson visited several classrooms on Monday and spoke to a crowded auditorium to highlight the huge strides the Redwood City school has made. School Principal Patricia Girardi was apparently moved to tears with the words she heard and the public acknowledgment of the strides the students, teachers and learning community as a whole has made.

It’s a huge feather in the cap for a school that is so unique in its learning focus and diverse in its large community.

Roosevelt Elementary School offers a Project Based Learning Curriculum, or PBL. In an PBL classroom, students are challenged to work cooperatively, think critically and present their work in front of an audience. A variety of engagement strategies are used to ensure that all students participate in the focused environment.

Roosevelt received word of its Gold Ribbon School award back in April. Along with Roosevelt, four other Redwood City schools were honored as well. Clifford, Hoover, Roy Cloud and Taft also received the prestigious award.

It’s no secret that the level of education attached to a community has a direct impact on the residential housing market. These types of commendations bring more education-focused families to the area.

Congratulations to the schools who received this award. Redwood City has continued to rise above when it comes to an amazing overall education for our children!