San Carlos Wants to Know: Are New Homes Too Big?

It was only last week where we blogged about the changing look of San Carlos and how so many neighborhoods are being altered due to large homes being built on average-sized lots. We received some good feedback from that blog, so we decided to delve a bit further. It appears that we aren’t the only ones interested with this phenomenon.

Coincidentally, the city of San Carlos is hoping to gain a better pulse of the community when it comes to this topic. Shape San Carlos, the online forum for civic engagement, located at posted the question ‘Are new homes in San Carlos too big?’

Some residents, it appears, are concerned that new homes being built in San Carlos are too big and are out of proportion with the character of existing neighborhoods. Residents are being asked to take a survey on the topic. The deadline to take the survey is 5 p.m. June 17.

Questions include whether it’s OK or not to have large homes on large lots, or whether there should be a maximum house size in San Carlos. Respondents are also being asked to weigh in on what elements make a house look too big.


Believe it or not, there have only been 102 responses as of today! So, get involved. If you are a San Carlos resident and have an opinion about how you’d like to see smart growth in your city, take the time to respond to the survey. Average response time takes less than three minutes!

To take the survey, go to  and click on the second topic, titled Home Size in San Carlos.

In other news, we’d like to thank everyone who came out to the San Carlos Hometown Days and stopped in to watch our amazing beach volleyball tournament! We enjoyed the friendly competition and the strong sense of community that was felt over the weekend.

Congratulations to White Bracket Champions Kellerman & Kellerman and Orange Bracket Champions Stallings & Iki! Looking forward to next year’s tourney!