Spreading Christmas Cheer

It’s that time of the year, where the pumpkins are composted and the houselights are being strung. The mid-Peninsula lights up with decorations on these cold, dark winter nights. Traditions are highlighted and we tend to pause more frequently to appreciate each other and the special celebrations we schedule with one another. One tradition we love is when we drop off our holiday wreaths to our beloved clients. It’s not just the fresh cut pine fragrance we smell in our cars, or the feelings of good tidings that overwhelms us.

Each year, we drive the familiar roads we drove when helping you purchase your home. Instead of a trip to deck your halls, it becomes a trip down Memory Lane. Uniquely, we strive to take care of our clients like we would family. And in turn, each client then joins our family. And our annual visit warms our hearts.

This week, we not only had multiple opportunities to reminisce on the business side of each purchase, but also on you and your families.  This week, we saw new house paint colors on some of your homes  – decisions we know are difficult! We saw dogs that were puppies when you moved. We got to see some of your lovely children and admired what mature individuals they are growing into. We got to see a few first steps during a visit to one of our young families who moved less than a year ago. And how precious those steps were!

In a few cases, we were able to stop in and visit and hear about what happening in your home. We got to see the new improvements you have made and we got to hear the laughter echoing your halls.

These moments touch us. They remind us of how fortunate we are to have such special memories to recount. We are reminded of what a great community we live in and what extraordinary people we are blessed to work on behalf.

So what begins as a festive, holiday tradition each year rapidly turns into the gift of gratitude. We are reminded of you and how your story is one of so many we cherish.

Let the season begin!