Selling or Not – Surefire ways to spruce up your home

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Freshening up a home is one of the things we do best. And through the years, we have come to find that prepping a home to be market ready takes a sophisticated eye but not necessarily an enormous wallet. 

Last week we made some huge aesthetic improvements to a home that’s coming on the market this week. We sunk a few bucks into removing two white columns that were quite stylish a few decades ago, but weren’t too trendy now. The column removal opened up the foyer to make the entrance more attractive, widening the space and making the area feel more welcoming. 

We also changed the cabinet drawer pulls, removed old drapery and added a fresh coat of paint - -and the end result was eye-catching! We were able to bring a 2000-era home into current trends and under $5,000.

Each time we walk into a home we plan to sell, we assess the current status of the home and find ways to spruce it up, modernize, clean, tidy and make it more desirable to our buying pool. 

With this latest home sprucing, we were pretty astonished at what a difference a few little things made in the overall look of the home before it hits the open market. 

Truth is, so many of our clients watch this small transformation on a home they’ve lived in for many years and lament on how they wished they had done it sooner so they could have enjoyed it.

These small, predominantly inexpensive improvements cultivate dramatic improvements and drive up the interest in the house. It only takes a few seconds for a person to fall in love with a house based on its first impression, so why not take the time to prepare it to look its absolute brightest? 

Here are a few ways you can spruce up your home before it hits the market.


Tidying up your yard will pay off in dividends. Consider new mulch, planting colorful flowers and add flowerpots to the entrance. Pressure-wash the front and back and pull all weeds and mow the grass. 


A fresh coat of paint goes a very long way. Gone are the aging cracks and dull color. Many times a coat of paint also removes any odd wall odors, too. It brightens the home and gives it a fresh look. You might also want to consider a new coat of paint on the front door. That, along with a new doormat, goes a long way. Remember, first impressions!

Out with the old:

Get rid of old drapery and put up fresh window coverings. Also consider updating interior doors if you have the old, hollow, flat doors with boring brass doorknobs. Cabinet drawer pulls are an immediate way to modernize old kitchen cabinets. You also want to take the time to bleach old grout or re-caulk a tub or sinks to give it that fresh look.


Maximize the lighting in your home. Whether it be a dusty, cumbersome lampshade or a tree that is blocking off natural sunlight known to peer in through a window, it’s time to trim back the tree or replace the dingy shade. Making the home it’s brightest is important to a buyer as it looks fresh. You will also want to update old sconces or chandeliers or add some additional lighting in dark spaces. 


Pay close attention to the kitchen. The benefits of bringing your kitchen up to date are immeasurable. Experts say that no matter how much money you put into your kitchen, you are likely to receive an 85 percent return on your investment. You can paint cabinets, replace cabinet hardware, clear off countertops and make the space look cleaner and larger. 

Remember to take a solid look around your home and see it through the eyes of a buyer. Fix loose handrails, make sure closets doors are on track, fix leaky faucets, oil door and window hinges and be sure to take care of any visible deferred maintenance on the property. 

We realize every home is different, and if you need some ideas on how to freshen up your home for a potential sale, be sure to call us. We know what buyers in our area want. Let us help you capitalize on your home’s appeal without busting your budget.