The First Impression

The First Impression

There’s no better feeling that when one of your listings finally goes to market. So much goes into that perfect first impression offered to potential buyers. And a first impression to a homebuyer is crucial. Psychologists say it takes a person less than 15 seconds to make up their mind about another person – just think about how quickly one can make up their mind about a home’s first impression!

Sometimes it’s hard to see it in a space you’ve lived in for a long time, but potential is always there. And it takes an experienced set of eyes – or two sets of eyes in our case – to make it happen.

One of our favorite things to do for our clients is to make a home appeal to the masses. We realize what a home’s selling points are because we believe we are truly captivated by our buyer’s motivations. We are locked into exactly what they are looking for, and we know how to bring it out in the homes we sell. And we’re getting pretty good at it.

It’s amazing what changes you can make with a small budget and only a week to complete the project.

Take a home we have coming on the market in Redwood City. This home sits at 3006 Hastings Avenue near the PCC. Centrally located, this 1,340-square-foot home is appealing to so many with its 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and attached garage. Its lot is more than 6,000 square feet and is close to every major thoroughfare, schools, bus lines and local shopping centers.

But this home needed a bit of an upgrade. Stuck in the 1970s, this cute house featured floor to ceiling wood paneling, dark carpets and corresponding paint colors, round bulb lighting and little natural light.

It took a week to change the home’s dated look entirely and just $3,000. It is truly amazing what a fresh coat of paint and an experienced set of eyes can do to a home…

We first had to look at the home’s cute living room – the entry point of the home. With wall-to-wall wood paneling and dark, tailored drapes lining another large wall, we knew we had to lighten things up a bit. The cornerstone of the room was a beautiful white brick wood-burning fireplace, which we wanted to highlight.

We chose to lift the stained carpet and beautify the underneath original hardwood floors. We took down the curtains and let the light shine in and painted the wood paneling a rich white tone that highlighted both the natural light now beaming through and the fireplace in the center.







In the family room, which had the lighting you’d find in a dungeon, we also painted the paneling. We stripped down the curtains, pulled up the carpet and put in new furniture. Staging added a huge amount of help, as it gives buyers a better awareness of what the room can hold in terms of furniture and movable space. This room gives access to the backyard, so having a large window to gaze out increased the feel of the home as well.

Faily room beforefamilyroom_500





A dark burgundy bathroom with four bulb lights needed to be modified as well. We immediately took out the reds and painted the bathroom with a cool blue to produce a fresh look. We changed the lighting but kept the bathroom’s now popular “distressed” looking vanity. A few hand towels in fresh linen white and a plant and the bathroom truly makes a buyer feel clean.







But it wasn’t just the inside that needed a touch up. Curb appeal goes further than one might think. Even the most desperate buyers will drive by a house and if it doesn’t ooze tidiness or even the slightest bit of potential, you’ve lost one interested party before they even step foot inside the home.

So, we set out to upgrade the home’s exterior by yanking out the home’s dusty shrubs that had overgrown the front yard. We decided to lay loose wood groundcover to draw a person’s eye to the home itself and not the lack of landscaping. The loose look draws a person’s eye toward the home’s inviting walkway and wrought-iron porch that leads to a colorful front door.


A. Front






The first impression of a home is more important now than ever. It is the difference between sitting on the market and having multiple interested parties. Taking the time to make the most of your home before selling is critical. We believe that every home can use a bit of a fresh coat. We love making your home look its best, a virtue that extends to all our clients in any given capacity – we want to represent you best. So if you’re considering a move – let us know – we can help you create the best selling situation. Because a first impression matters.