What's New With Your Workout?

What’s New With Your Workout? A New Year – a new you! We all had a few too many Christmas cookies and glasses of New Year’s champagne. Time to get fit again!

If you’re tired of your old workout, try something new! There are more and more new fitness theories out there these days, and they are rapidly sprouting up around the mid-Peninsula. Here is a list of some oldies and some newbies. There’s something out there for everyone! Many of the new fitness clubs are offering tremendous opportunities to try a complimentary class or two, so sign up and get started!

Barre 3: Opening Feb. 1 in San Carlos. A blend of ballet barre, pilates and yoga. http://barre3.com/studio-locations/san-carlos

Rock Salt Pilates by Adrian Ramirez: Full service Pilates. Sweat, Strength, Stretch. http://www.rocksaltfitness.com

Orange Theory: Interval Training Center. Free trial class. http://www.orangetheoryfitness.com/redwood-city

Undisputed Boxing Gym: A boxing gym that offers fitness classes, martial arts, cycling and boxing. http://undisputedboxinggym.com

The Bar Method: Free trial class. Full bar studio. http://sanmateo.barmethod.com

HomeGrown Cross Fit: Crossfit strength and conditioning. Offering January break on dues. http://homegrowncrossfit.com

Advance(d) Sports Performance and Fitness: High performance training to achieve fitness goals. http://www.advanceyourself.net

Personally Fit By Loretta: Private fitness studio that caters to individuals hoping to incorporate fitness into their lifestyle. http://www.personallyfitbyloretta.com

Core Total Fitness: Maximizing calorie burn and increasing core strength endurance. Offering a free 30-minute workout trial. http://coretotalfitness.com

Brien Shamp’s Belmont Fit Body Boot Camp: Full service boot camp. Muscle toning, calorie burning and no bulk up. http://www.brienshamp.com/belmont-fitbodybootcamp/

Club Pilates: Full service Pilates studio. https://www.clubpilates.com/sancarlos/

Courage Performance: Fitness classes – hour-long which include warm up, strength and power portion and metabolic conditioning. http://www.courageperformance.com/our-programs.html

Bay Area Boxing: Boxing, Kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu and Muai Thai. http://www.bayareaboxing.net

Mad Dawg Fitness: mobility & stability, stretching, core-strengthening, bodyweight skills, Olympic weight-lifting, and low-impact training. http://maddawgfitness.com

Heartcore: 40-minute Pilates classes. http://www.iheartcore.com

Norcal Cross Fit: Strength and conditioning fitness.  http://www.norcalcrossfit.com

Pro-Fitness Edge: Overall fitness, private instruction. Free introductory session. http://profitnessedge.com

Mobius Fitness: Health club, gym, small group training center. http://mobiusfit.com

So, get out there and try something new! There are more options now than ever, and right in our own backyard!